Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Erosion Bundle Project reveal!

In October I place 2 bundles of bits and bobs in my garden as part of the Cloth Paper Scissors Erosion bundle project. You can see my previous post HERE. Yesterday I brought the bundles in doors after they had been tossed around in high winds the previous night! They had been moved into a more exposed site after a month as they seemed to be very sheltered where I first placed them. Maybe I was trying to protect them too much!!!
You can see the big reveal below:

Some of the items had hardly changed and others had but not in a good way!
One of the most interesting changes were to the pieces of photo paper offcuts that I placed in each bundle.
The bundles are now drying off in my conservatory whilst I ponder what magnificent piece of artwork I am going to produce with them. At the moment it is looking good in my head but I have a sneaky feeling that only a very carefully chosen few bits and bobs will be used in the future!
Watch this space. LOL


Mary B said...

interesting, rather like the pink bleed, is that photo paper?

AlliR said...

That looks very interesting Shirley - looking forward to seeing your creations with it!

Claire Crompton said...

Happy New Year to you to Shirley.

Looks like you have been getting messy with inks an things.

I love your sock snowmen!!

Take care