Sunday, 31 March 2013

FMS photo a day March photos.

I have had a busy month this month so all my March photos are here together.
Day 1 - L is for lemon.
Day 2 - I made this.
Day 3 - Key
Day 4 - Lucky - to be flying to Tobago.
Day 5 - Under..undersea Tobago.
Day 6 - Chair - with a view.
Day 7 - Fear - of falling.
Day 8 - Favourite - table for lunch.
Day 9 - Faceless self portrait.
Day 10 - I want - to enjoy the sunset.
Day 11 - Important - ingredients for a holiday.
Day 12 - In the distance at Gatwick.
Day 13 - Sound.
Day 14 - Tasty - papaya.
Day 15 - Explore - for a lost credit card.
Day 16 - 9 o'clock in the morning.
Day 17 - Green -fields.
Day 18 - Shoes - in the shop window.
Day 19 - A sign in Abingdon
Day 20 - Clean.
Day 21 - Working - on the lime scale.
Day 22 - About you.
Day 23 - What you do for fun.
Day 24 - Up - on a cold day.
Day 25 - In your drawer - messy makeup drawer.
Day 26 - Lunch - out with my lovely husband.
Day 27 - Pair - a cruet from my mother in law.
Day 28 - Mirror - on my dressing table.
Day 29 - Good night - from Bongo.
Day 30 - Relax - with a cuppa.
Day 31 - Stuff - for altered art.
Another month completed.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Artful Readers Club

My book review for March is not going to be a long one even though the book had 60 chapters.

Book ... Fast Friends

Author ... Jill Mansell

Published by ... Headline publishing

I found this book in a charity shop and thought it would be a good holiday read, therefore, I took it away with me this month on a trip to Tobago. Lucky me to get a bit of winter sunshine I know!

The book reviews on the back cover were pretty good. They ranged from 'Fast, furious and fabulous fun. To read it is to devour it,' to 'An exciting read about love, friendship and sweet revenge - fabulously fun.' I think this will be the last time I take any notice of such reviews.

The book is about three old school friends and their relationship with each other and their complicated and intertwined love lives. I found the characters rather irritating and shallow and some of the situations they found themselves in totally unbelievable. An example of this is when Camilla Stewart, the main character leaves her husband and children when she finds out that her husband is having an affair with one of her friends. Up to this point she had been portrayed as a loving but dowdy mother and wife whose children meant the world to her. Her children where not even spoken about for weeks when they suddenly seemed to have been remembered and even then they seemed of little significance!

The importance of designer cloths, handbags and shoes seem to dominate these women's lives along side romantic encounters with handsome pop stars and rich men. if I had not been on holiday and had plenty of time to carry on reading the book I would have given up and dumped it in the hotel's library. However, I did continue reading until the last page but felt a bit annoyed with myself for wasting good reading time!

Obviously other people have enjoyed this book, looking at the reviews on Amazon, I am in the minority in not doing so.

My book 'inspired' artwork:

My artwork, a collage, was done using a glossy fashion magazine that was free at the Airport and seemed to fit with the theme of overpriced clothes and makeup.

Thanks for visiting, I hope my next month's read will be much more fun as I have chosen 'Steal Like an Artist' written by Austin Kleon.

Definitely no 'Chick Lit' for me for a while.


Friday, 1 March 2013

A Photo a Day Challenge February week 4.

Here are my week 4 photos:

Day 22 - Playing ... Party games.
Day 23 - A word...Home.
Day 24 - Cloud...on a dull day.
Day 25 - On your bedside table.
Day 26 - Quiet...when I need it.
Day 27 - Playing...where I play.
Day 28 - Upside down... Book.
February completed.


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