Saturday, 21 January 2012

Art Journey

On UK Scrappers this year there are a lot of new challenges and classes. I have been following the 'Art Journey' thread and have downloaded all the prompts so far. I have put together my own art journal following Sarah's brilliant instructions. You can see them on UKS and on Sarah's blog, therefore I will not go into detail here. You will see my book isn't quite up to Sarah's standard but I did have fun making it!
Here are a selection of the papers I started out with, the leatherette is from a charity shop find jacket that I shared with my good friend Kay.
I used matt medium on some of the book pages I wanted to use to give them some strength.

The first page is ready to go! Normally I add completed pages into my journal. However, this time I am being brave and painting/inking/spraying and generally getting messy onto the page straight into the my journal.
I have placed a sheet of acetate under the page as I work to protect the lower pages. I wonder how long I will worry about that. LOL

Here is my first completed page for this 6 month Art Journey.
Thanks for looking.


AlliR said...

Ah, so that was your thong-ing LOL. Looks fab (as always!).

Sarah said...

yay, you made a book! glad the instructions were followable :) I hope you have fun working in it.

I don't worry too much about protecting other pages, happy accidents and all that :)

Lynne said...

Just WOW and WOW and WOW to it all, so pleased to be your friend :)