Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Circle Journal updates

I have just started a new Journal your Art Circle Journal on UK scrappers.
There are 8 of us in the group and we have each chosen a theme for our CJ.
My theme is 'Serendipity'.
Serendipity means 'happy accident' or pleasant surprise, finding something good without looking for it! My art journalling is all about Happy accidents!!!
To make the journal I took out the pages form a Children's encyclopedia and replaced them with blank Bristol board pages. I have done an introduction page but forgot to take a photo!

I used lots of paints, inks, sprays and stamps for my inner lining pages then stitched the Bristol board in place.

My page for my journal.
Here is my latest page Artistic License Circle journal page.
It is for Frances's CJ. she gave us all art board to work on.
She chose a painting by Paul Klee, she divided into 9 sections and asked the group to do one section each using what ever medium we wished.
I have used Golden artist light moulding paste and shaped and scraped the design into it.
Then I used my acrylic paints and sprays to colour the surface.

All the other boards made so far are very different and fit together so well, I am sure the finished journal will look amazing.


Sarah said...

LOVE what you have done for Frances's Paul Klee CJ Shirley - I kind of wish I hadn't been the first to get that one as I would so like to see it in the flesh all complete - I bet it is already looking amazing!

And your art journal CJ is gorgeous also - I so wanted to join that one but as I already have three CJs on the go I just couldn't fit it in :( I will be watching it progress with (jealous) interest :)

Lynne said...

AMAZING!!!! You are soooo artistic and I am proud to be a friend xxxx