Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Erosion Bundle Project

I have recently joined the a Flickr group of like minded people who are readers of an American Magazine called Cloth Paper Scissors and who all live in the UK. One of projects that was in the May/June 2010 issue of the magazine was called disco (disintegration collaboration). Essentially it’s all about placing some bio-degradable items somewhere outside to weather and deteriorate as Mother Natures see fit – then bring it back inside to reveal and dry and make some form of creative art with the results. The group was encouraged to hang their bundles out to be exposed to the elements on 21st June 2011 and leave the bundles at the mercy of British weather for 6 months and bring them back inside for the big reveal on the shortest day of the year - 22nd December 2011. Well I have come to this project a little late so I have put together my bundles and hung them out on the 4th October 2011. I will still bring my bundles in on the 22nd December 2011 and see what Mother Nature has done to them.

My First bundle is what I call my Romantic selection of papers, fabrics, ribbons and other found objects!
The second bundle is a Rustic collection of papers, fabric, metal objects and even a used teabag!
They were wrapped and tied in Calico for the Romantic bundle and Hessian for the rustic bundle.
Both bundles are now hanging from the Bay tree in my garden.

You can see more about this project on The Erosion Bundle blog.
Colin says that it is now confirmed that I have finally lost the plot.
However, I am quite excited to see what the British weather can do to these bundles.

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Mary B said...

Well why not :D will be interesting to see later.