Saturday, 22 October 2011

UK Scrappers Swaps

Over the past two months I have taken part in a few swaps on UK Scrappers, here are some photos from them.

I have an Alice in Wonderland book that I plan to alter and I am going to use my Alice Tip in Pages and tags inside of it along with lots of inky painty art. You can find more information about the Tip in pages on an earlier post HERE
I found this book in the specialist children's book shop in Hay on Wye a book collector's dream town to visit.
I did not like to tell the seller what plans I had in store for it!

Six completed Tip in pages.
My page.
Lou@papermakers page.
Netty's page.
Leanie's page.
Irene's page.

Honey Pip's page.
My selection of Alice tags from Roxy52, Vass, Irene, Weaselwise, Scrapnanny, mine, Fatmonica and Cynthia.
Another book on my list to be altered is this Vogue sewing book.

I have two Tip in Pages to help me with this project.
This one is from Irene.

This page is from Karen.....uks Kitty Crafts.

My next swap was for the Affirmation Postcards.
I did an earlier post with my postcards HERE
This postcard was made by Sarah.....uks Smelly
This one was made by Nerlly.
This one was by Cynthia......uks Mistyrat.
The latest swap I have been in is the Halloween home Decoration.
Starting with the H From Susan.
A from Kate T.
L form Topsy.
L from Meg Baby.
O from Irene.
W from Culpepper.
E from Bramble Pie.
E from Linda B
Finally an N from me.
This is the completed banner.
Isn't it great?
Clicking on the banner will give you a better view if you would like to see the banner close up. This has been a mammoth update but I really wanted to show you the fantastic work that the crafters on UK Scrappers do. There are some really talented people there and I would like to thank everyone for the lovely work that I now have to enjoy and draw inspiration from.
These swaps are organised by the wonderful Netty alongside quite a few different people who give up their time to make sure the swaps run smoothly and on time.
A big thank you to them from me.
If you get chance to take part in any of the swaps please do they are great fun and you learn a lot.


Minty Magic said...

Wow that is a fantastic selection of swaps Shirley. There are some talented people out there.
Can't wait to see the finished Alice book!

Summer Sunflower said...

Certainly lovely work there Shirley, fabulous, the altered books will be amazing!!

Sarah said...

some great stuff there!

in fact it's pretty much ALL great stuff, you must have been delighted

Pam said...

Wow-you have been busy-these are great-I especially like the sewing ones!!

moomoo said...

I've been lucky enough to see the finished banner 'in real life' and it's superb ! Lots of very talented ladies out there !