Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The home coming.

A little while ago I showed you my contribution to an Alice in Wonderland jigsaw swap.
You can see the previous post HERE.

Yesterday I received the completed swapped puzzle and it is stunning.
I cut a 12" x 12" piece of mount board and using a hot glue gun stuck all the pieces together creating a lovely piece of wall art for my craft room.
The walls are getting rather full now!
A big thank you to Netty for giving us all a jigsaw to play with and organising the swap.
Also for making sure we did all the pieces facing the correct way.

Not forgetting all my lovely swapee's for their beautiful creations.
From top left to right:
Annette ...... Voodoo Vixen .... Alice/drink me.
Irene ...... irboo .... Mad hatters tea party.
Jeanette ...... nettyb .... Queen of Hearts.
Middle left to right:
Karen .... KJJC .... White Rabbit.
My Mad Hatter.
Louise .... Lou@papermaker .... Eat me.
Bottom left to right:
Francis .... new2this .... Pack of cards.
Lyn .... honeypip .... Flower faces.
Dotty .... dorothyanne .... Alice/off with her head.
I think you will agree this has turned out really great.


Mary B said...

Absolutely brilliant well done to all of you

pat-catherine said...

Wow. Fantastic. Well done all of you

Summer Sunflower said...

Fabulous, Shirley and ladies!!

Curly said...

Wow that really is superb. Well done all.

moomoo said...

Wow Shirley,this is just fabulous!