Thursday, 9 May 2013

FMS Photo A Day May Week 1

Here are my photo's for May Week 1
Day 1 - I bought this as a bulb last year.
Day 2 - Morning ritual of choosing which coffee to have.
Day 3 - This is really good.
Day 4 - Spring is in my cup.
Day 5 - Paper ... I love IRL books.
Day 6 - Broken ... One egg smashed another one oblivious to his fate!
Day 7 - Something beginning with F.

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AlliR said...

Fab photos Shirley!

Mary B said...

they are super love the spring is in my cup one and the broken egg one made me laugh

Curly said...

Really super again Shirl. That spring in a cup is sooo pretty it should be framed.xx