Monday, 15 April 2013

FMS Photo a Day April week 2

Here are my week 2 photo's for the FMS challenge.

Day 8 - On your plate.
Day 9 - Tiny.
Day 10 - A place... Trinity College dining hall Oxford.
Day 11 - Detail ... Of my painting.
Day 12 - In the middle.
Day 13 - View from my bed.
Day 14 - Water ... In my garden.
Day 15 - Alone ... A pea on a plate.


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Mary B said...

Another great set of photos I especially like the water one how did you do that?

Shirley said...

I am taking all my photo's on my phone for this challenge Mary and I used an App that is called MarbleCam. It works on the photo after you have taken it and coverts it in to a marble shape, keeping the original photo as s blurred background.

AlliR said...

Love this weeks photos, like Mary I especially like the water one.

Lyn said...

Great set of photos - fabulous art too.

Curly said...

Really super Shirl, love that garden one and the tiny, your painting is super too.