Monday, 7 January 2013

Artful Reading

The Artful Readers Club

Darcy decided to do a challenge next year, it will be a monthly one and will involve reading books, and making art that is inspired by the book that you have if you love reading then you might want to join in too.You can see more info on Darcy's blog HERE.

Basically Jan 1st you make a blog post with a commitment to read 12 books over the year. You must name the 12 books. I did do a post on Jan 1st but some how in the new blogger interface I clicked on the delete button so reporting in a gain now today. I know a lot of people visited me and left comments. SO A BIG Thankyou for those, I did read them all before I double clicked the delete button! they are still in my comments file in blogger!!!

I have chosen my 12. Books and they are on the safari book shelf in my side panel.

At the end of each month I will write a short review and place it on my blog along with a piece of art work, using the book I have just read for inspiration.This is a the really fun part. The piece of art can be anything you like, a painting, a journal page, a card, or a collage.

The first book I am reading is 'A Street Cat Named Bob'.

Once again thanks to everyone who commented on my original post... I will try to be more careful in the future!


Sarah said...

Commenting again so your blog post doesn't feel lonely :)

I bought my step son A Street Cat Called Bob yesterday, I've told him I want to borrow it once he is finished with it. Will be interested to read your review.

Stefi J said...

shame about your original post, my mums got the street cat named bob book, planning on borrowing it once she's read it x

Helen said...

Look forward to your reviews & art

P.J. said...

Good luck with the challenge!

Dee said...

Particularly looking forward to the reviews on your arty/crafty books - they sound really good. I can see myself adding those to my reading pile.