Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Art Trail

I was really thrilled when Sarah invited me to join the Collabor-ART community and one of the first projects I signed up for was to send some Mail art. I have never actually put any of my work "naked" into a letterbox before and I must admit to having some worries as it disappeared into the abyss!!
I made 2 postcards the first one was for Sarah.
This one is for Virginia.
The other aspect of taking part in the Art Trail is that you get other peoples Art popping through your letter box and my first arrival was from Lorraine. A beautiful card that has so many lovely techniques on that I have yet to try. Thanks Lorraine.
I know that one of my postcards has arrived, just waiting to hear that Virginia's has arrived then I can breathe a sigh of relief!!!
Thanks for looking.


Virginia said...

Shirley - it's arrived - I love it - utterly gorgeous - pride of place on my desk now! Really utterly gorgeous - thank you so much!!!!! Loving this art trail!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Biggest hugs

Irene said...

These are fantastic,and,i'm sure they'll be loved by Sarah and Virginia XX

Shirley said...

Phew, glad it's arrived and you love it Virginia.

Mary B said...

there is only one word WOW

Curly said...

These are truely WOW as Mary says. Well done Shirley.

Lyn said...

How brave are you?! Gorgeous work and I've seen what RM can do to simple envelopes! They are all gorgeous and clever techniques.