Monday, 11 April 2011

'Here Come the Girls'.... Bunting swap UKS

Over on UK Scrappers I have joined a Bunting swap.
Here are my efforts. This group are the second group I made as the Post Office seem to have lost my first efforts!!! As I was having an eye operation I did not have the time or inspiration to come up with a new design. Therefore I made a second group in a different colour and with some slight tweeking. I hope everyone like them and that they reach their destination this time!

This set of Bunting is still in the postal system, they were posted nearly 2 weeks ago!

Maybe they will turn up one day..........


kjjc said...

both sets are very lovely. Let's hope set 1 turns up eventually. they are probably in the pile with my 3d flowers.

fatmonica said...

Love them!If the first set turns up,I'm claiming one of them!